What does the name Bull & Bear Financial Strategies mean?

The stock market and the property market move in cycles.

These cycles are best described as ups and downs, or bulls and bears.

A bull market is a boom market where economic conditions are optimistic and stocks have upward momentum displaying great economic abundance.

A bear market is a time of decreasing share value where the market is experiencing downward momentum.

As our name suggests, we plan for the Bull market just as we plan for the Bear market.

In the Bull market:

We aim to teach you how to invest in a bull market with prudence. The emotion that must be controlled in a bull market is greed and over zealous optimism. Investors tend to forget about the fundamentals of investing in a bull market, they often move away from the stone foundations of safety that are put in place to deal with up and down markets.

The opposite of a Bull market is a Bear market.

In a bear market the psychology of an investor can change from greed to fear and as Financial Planners, our job is to help you manage that fear 

We aim to help you achieve a state of self sovereignty; this means that you can maintain a neutral state of mind whether the market is going up or down.

At Bull and Bear Financial Strategies we have a saying, 'Be prudent with the Bull and be courageous with the Bear.' 

When the market falls the two fundamental keys are:

  1. Don't sell! The market will come back...
  2. Don't be in a position where you have to sell. 

If you sell when the market is down then you will not participate when the market rises.

The most important investment an investor can make is in education and financial literacy.

Your education, your financial literacy and logic will often cause you to act in a counter-intuitive manner, which may conflict with the intuitive way your ego, greed or fear wants you to act.

Investing is a battle to act against your human instincts.

Fear: When the market goes down, human instinct is to sell when in actuality it is time to buy.

Greed: When the market goes up, human instinct tells us to buy because we want to make even more, when in actuality it is time to exercise prudence and caution.

'Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful'

Warren Buffet

Emotions such as greed and fear coupled with ego can be detrimental factors when dealing with markets.

An astute investor keeps their ego away from their investments and will adopt a neutral state of mind - whether investments are rising or falling. 



The Stock Markets move in perpetual 5 to 7 year cycles... in that time there is usually one bull market and one bear market.



We want to help our clients access transparent assets and take back control of their investments like superannuation.

Through education we condition our clients to prepare for the investment rollercoaster.

A fact of life is that markets go up and they go down.

As our name suggests we are here to teach you strategy through the Bull and Bear Markets, in other words, through the ups and the downs.

Bull & Bear Financial Strategies focuses on control, transparency and maintaining the strongest ownership structure possible  for our clients.

Ian Streeter, the Founder of Bull & Bear Financial Strategies, understands that the Rich, the Middle Class and the Poor can hold very different mindsets when it comes to money and investing.

At Bull & Bear Financial Strategies we believe that you should not invest in anything that you do not understand.

We also believe you should not invest in anything that is not transparent.

Above all, we believe that you as an investor should not invest in assets that you do not control.

Ian Streeter, the founded of Bull & Bear Financial Strategies, is a Financial Planner, a member of the Tax Practitioners Board, a blue chip share adviser, a qualified and experience Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate License holder.

Ian is also a Self Managed Super Fund Specialist and runs seminars on the mechanics behind buying assets like residential and commercial property as well as ASX listed direct shares through super.

Ian's passion is to give advise on blue chip shares and be able to talk to clients about structures that facilitate the purchase of Investment Property through Superannuation.

Ian works closely with a team of Financial Planners who all share the same values in relation to giving clients education, transparency and control.

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