How Can You Set & Achieve S.M.A.R.T Goals

You need to do the ground work and research the foundations of your goals. 
Due diligence is a must when setting goals. 

You need to understand the parties involved; those who act as power-brokers, those who act as Gate Keepers and the roles each will play in achieving or not achieving your goals.

You should write down what you want to achieve and the parties involved in obtaining that achievement.

Here is an example.

You are an Honors student and you consider yourself to be the smartest person in your year at University. You speak to your Careers Councillor and tell her you want to become a Surgeon in Two years.

You explain that you have the highest grades and are extremely driven and motivated. Before  becoming a surgeons you must do four years of undergraduate study, then another four years of medical school upon which you will attain the title Doctor of Medicine. You then need to do a 3 to 8 year residency. 'Hence, to become a Surgeon is an 8 to 16 year goal depending on your talent as well as the will of those above to advance you.

When you construct the blue print for a goal, you need to establish the different gate keepers who hold the keys to your goals:

If your goal is to become a surgeon you will need to deal with the gate keepers listed below:

Gate Keeper 1- The University

In the case of the would-be surgeon, the first power-broker is the University.

First the student needs to gain admission. 

Then the student needs to complete an Undergraduate Degree.

 Next the student needs to complete a medical degree.

Gate Keeper 2 - The Hospital Or Clinic

Once the  would-be surgeon has their two degrees, then they need to gain a residency.

Gate Keeper 3 - The Surgeon Who Oversees Your Work

The Surgeon's opinion of your professional ability is going to play a big roll in whether you do or do not achieve your goal.

Gate Keeper 4 - The Medical Board Of Australia

The Medical Board Of Australia Handles Licencing.


If you have a goal that you want to achieve then take action today.

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Your goal does not have to be financial it just has to be a goal!

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